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The Importance of Root Canal Treatment

Dealing with a toothache? Find out why root canal treatment may be necessary.root canal

If you are noticing a nagging pain in a tooth, this isn’t something you should just ignore. Pain is your mouth’s way of telling you that something is amiss. Since dental problems won’t go away by themselves, it’s important that you visit our Midtown NY, general dentist, Dr. Kara Mason, immediately.

Why is root canal therapy necessary?

If you have a toothache you may be wondering what’s going on. More often than not it’s your dental pulp calling out in pain. A dental pulp is a structure that lies within the tooth that contains nerves. You can consider the pulp to be the feeling center of the tooth. When the pulp becomes infected or inflamed it will cause pain.

Decay, infection and trauma can all lead to a damaged dental pulp. Once the pulp has become infected or inflamed it will need to be removed. Luckily, the pulp is not necessary for a tooth to remain healthy. The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove the dental pulp and to clean out the inside of the tooth where the infection lies.

What happens if you don’t get a root canal?

If you decide to ignore the problem then it will only continue to get worse until the tooth is so damaged that it can’t be repaired. Once this happens the tooth will need to be removed and then we will need to replace it with an artificial tooth. Isn’t it much easier, simpler and cost-effective to prevent this from happening altogether and to just get a simple root canal?

Doesn’t a root canal hurt?

We know there are a lot of horror stories out there about root canals, but don’t worry. Our Midtown NY general dentist doesn't want to see you in pain and we know that a damaged dental pulp can certainly cause a boatload of pain. Don’t you want to relieve it? The only way to get rid of pain is through root canal therapy. The purpose of this procedure is to eliminate pain not cause pain.

If this wasn’t enough to calm your fears, also know that root canal treatment is performed after the tooth has been numbed, so you won’t feel a thing. What a relief to not have to deal with that nasty toothache any longer!

As the name already states, GentleDentalNYC in Midtown NY is dedicated to providing you comprehensive dental services with a gentle, caring touch. Call us today at 212-355-2195 if you are dealing with a toothache.

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